Sarah Johnson is an artist-photographer living in the Jura Mountains in France. Her photography, a life-long pursuit, explores the natural world, documenting its beauty, mystery and how the world is changing. Finding details that may be overlooked, she captures nature’s small masterpieces.

Working often in black and white, she seeks to bring out the qualities of darkness. Through her work with long exposures and low light, she seeks to capture the movement of light and dark.

For her, the image from her camera is a starting point rather than a stopping point. By combining her images, she creates new realities and presents the world in a different way. Thus, her images reflect her inner world as much as the outer world.

She works both digitally and on film, using a variety of antique cameras.

Photography training

  • Workshop with Susan Burnstine, Maine Media, online, 2022
  • Workshop with Miho Kajioka, Artfotomode, Naples, Italy, 2022
  • Workshop with Martin Bogren, Artfotomode, Berlin, Germany, 2021
  • Workshop with Miho Kajioka, Artfotomode, Santorini, Greece, 2020
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